stairplane® staircases are the result of 25 years of research and development, manufacturing experience using anodised aluminum and experience with building regulations all over the globe. The unique composition in the aluminum allows us to achieve strengths equal to steel, but with a fraction of the weight, making installation much easier. Aluminum also is a more refined metal than steel and does not give a dated look with time as most steel staircases. Some of the staircases you see on this site were designed over 20 years ago, and still have a discrete, modern aesthetic. You can find stairplane staircases in every European country, as well as in the US. We have technical solutions for practically every architectural wish and challenge, ask us.

Aluminum is a metal which allows endless opportunities for design and creativity but which, at the same time, responds fully to modern demands in terms of environment and sustainability.

Key advantages of aluminum:

Elegant, modern, natural aspect – aluminum is the 3rd most prevalent element on Earth

Numerous possibilities of textures, colours and surface finishes

Very durable over the long term – and we mean more than 30 years

Requires minimal maintenance – almost none.  No sanding, no varnishing no wax.

Light weight with a high strength-to-weight ratio.  Infinitely better than steel.

Does not burn and is not noxious in case of fire – we hope you won’t experience this.

Can be totally and repeatedly recycled through simple re-melting.  Completely sustainable.

Available in many different forms to suit a diverse range of applications – we have over 1008 stair designs made with aluminum.

Aluminium creates an impermeable barrier to air, water and wind.  This means it won’t rust!

Anodised aluminum is totally UV resistant.  Try this with powder-coated steel or wood.

Anodising enhances the natural qualities of aluminium further; it permits a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance. Unique amongst surface treatments, such as coatings, anodising is totally integrated with the metallic substrate – it is not simply a film applied to cover the surface. We anodise our staircases with 21 mU.   That is almost the strongest anodisation you can get and is pretty indestructible unless you drive a car over the staircase.

The anodisation layer will retain its original beauty and protection against corrosion throughout the life of the staircase – some of our stairs have been installed for more than 25 years.  The ’’living’’ quality of its natural metallic sheen, combining texture with colour, guarantees a creative interaction of the surfaces and with the constantly changing light conditions through the day and across the different seasons.   Aluminum stairs are a work of art.