Insensation was founded in 1997.

In the USA, we consult and sell to architects, designers, property developers, general contractors and trades people of all types. We deliver nationwide to building sites and to contractors.

We have clients in most countries in Europe.  In addition to thousands of private clients with extraordinary homes, we have served banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, pension funds, museums, hospitals, doctors, lawyers, local governments, architects and engineers since 1997. Over 6000 clients have trusted us in the 25 years of our existence.



“Excellent service, follow-up and gorgeous products. I’m thrilled how the glass stair on my project really opens up the middle of the house and floods all levels with light. The details are impeccable!”

Architect, Long Island City, NY
Project Price: $50,000 – $99,999





“We really love these stairs. The finished project is excellent. As with anything good if the project is complicated one wants to leave enough time for the right process as we did. We look forward to installing these in future projects.”

Architect, New York, NY
Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999







“When we found Insensation’s aluminum and glass staircase, we knew we had found the perfect staircase to feature in The 2017 New American Home (TNAH). The metal and glass materials complemented the modern design of TNAH and we liked that Insensation could build a custom “reflecting” staircase based on our design and measurements. We placed the staircase in front of a floor to ceiling window to create an architectural element visible from the street. We chose the illuminated treads that look crisp during the daylight and provide an elegant glow in the evenings. Guests who toured the home were “WOWed” by the uniqueness and beauty of the staircase. We were so happy with the staircase that we are designing another for one of our new custom home clients.” (Photo by Jeffrey A. Davis Photography)

Architect, Orlando FL
Project Price: more than $100,000



“We LOVE our stair from Insensation…it’s gorgeous. We have the machined aluminum version that resembles an airplane wing and we’re using it as roof access. The aluminum is great for those times we leave the sliding skylight open and it gets rained on…no rust. The lack of weight is good too…my framer and I were able to install it with just the two of us. Awesome option for a retrofit when you don’t want to add excessive weight. Beautiful, beautiful object.”

Interior Designer, Los Angeles CA
Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999





“I worked and continue to work with this company. excellent quality, amazing work. no problem, professional sellers. amazing products. highly recommend!”

Contractor, New York, NY
Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999