Flyer stairplane

For a quick overview, check out our introduction video.


stairplane® staircases are normally specified by architects and installed by general contractors in the USA.   This site allows you to get a budget price for some standard configurations. We have many more options not listed here, and will be happy to send you our complete capabilities.   Send us your plans or your requirements via our Contact Form.

In Europe and other countries, we work either with architects or directly with building owners.  Please feel free to contact us.


We deliver worldwide.  We have installers in Switzerland and southern Germany, should you need them, otherwise any contractor can install our staircases.


Manufacturing times are generally 6 weeks.   Delivery times (2-6 weeks) depend on where you are in the world and how much you want to spend on transport.  The transport prices listed in the configurator are indicative for major cities in the USA.   European deliveries are generally the same, depending on which country.    We have companies in Germany (billing in Euro) as well as Switzerland (billing in CHF) and the USA.  The prices on this webpage are in USD, but can be converted 1:1 for CHF and multiplied by .8 for EUR.    We accept checks (USA) and bank transfers. A formal quotation with our business conditions will be made once we receive your request and take contact with you.


Besides creating beautiful, timeless staircases, we also manufacture complex ones like the one below. General contractors and architects rely on us for high-end fit-outs, even though our product is priced comparable to steel staircases. Our streamlined production methods allow us to be very price-competitive for this kind of unique product. If you are near New York, please visit our showroom to see the impressive quality of our stairplane® staircases. We have extensive samples of all options.