Posted on Apr 10, 2018

We partner with contractors, building supply companies and other stair companies, to sell our products to a wider audience. Partners get healthy discounts, complete technical, planing and delivery support, and also have an opportunity to make additional revenue on installations, which generally take maximum one day. We are seeking partners in all US states, as […]


Posted on Apr 7, 2018
<strong>STAIR</strong>PLANE™ COLOR

Our complete range of custom made stairplane® staircases is now available in any color. After extensive research and development, we are now able to color anodise or color coat any of our stairplane® staircases, railings or landings. Insensation does complete staircase projects and also supplies parts to contractors and architects. For 50 feet of glass […]


Posted on Feb 11, 2018
<strong>STAIR</strong>PLANE™ ENHANCED

In addition to our classic stairplane™ stringers in massive 10 mm brushed, anodised aluminium, we now offer ENHANCED stairplane® stringers manufactured in massive 65 mm anodised aluminium. This stringer allows us to create staircases with protruding steps, making the staircase appear more free-floating. The unique width of this stringer also optimises the space needed for […]


Posted on Feb 11, 2018
<strong>STAIR</strong>PLANE™ XL

For architects and developers looking for a unique staircase for retail or commercial settings, we developed stairplane™ XL. The up to 70” ultra-strong, wide staircase has treads with 12” depth. The stringers are also 12”. All of this is easily manufactured and installed without the use of heavyweight steel or lacquer – our stairs are […]


Posted on Feb 2, 2018
WELCOME TO <strong>STAIR</strong>PLANE™

A revolutionary, new concept in staircase design. Step into functional aesthetic luxury. Our stairplane™ staircases can be found in fine homes in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco and Washington D.C. stairplane™ video stairplane™ brochure