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Posted by Insensation on 30. August 2021 in News

Come join us in this whole new world of staircase design. Implemented across Europe for over 20 years, these unique illuminated and anodised aluminum staircases are now conquering the USA from coast-to-coast. stairplane™ staircases are absolutely unique and high-quality, and are some of the easiest staircases in the world for contractors to install. We provide

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Posted by Insensation on 26. June 2021 in News

Architects and contractors around the globe appreciate our unique designs and high quality staircases. From San Francisco, California to Basel, Switzerland, our staircases are installed in fine homes and professional studios wanting something more, something unique. Our slim constructions are structurally sound, and don’t require the massive weight and unsightly bulk of steel beams one

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Posted by Insensation on 22. May 2019 in News

Our high-grade anodised aluminum staircases have been installed in beautifully designed spaces for over 20 years. Both the treads and the stringers are made of natural anodised aluminum, a luxury finish compared to painted steel. Optional handrails for the wall and horizontal railings are available.  All stairs can be made code-compliant.  

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Posted by Insensation on 1. July 2018 in News

Simulateous with the opening of our new design-district showroom on 31 E 31 in Manhattan, Insensation is displaying an illuminated glass stairplane® staircase at the same address. The exhibit, titled ‘LIGHT ON YOUR FEET’, is wondrous to view in the evening hours. Insensation Inc 31 E 31 (near Madison Avenue) New York, NY 10016

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Posted by Insensation on 7. April 2018 in News

Our complete range of custom made stairplane® staircases is now available in any color. After extensive research and development, we are now able to color anodise or color coat any of our stairplane® staircases, railings or landings. Insensation does complete staircase projects and also supplies parts to contractors and architects. For 50 feet of glass

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Posted by Insensation on 11. February 2018 in News

In addition to our CLASSIC stairplane™ stringers in massive 10 mm brushed, anodised aluminium, we now offer CANTILEVER stairplane® stringers manufactured in massive 63 mm anodised aluminium. This stringer allows us to create staircases with protruding steps, making the staircase appear more free-floating. The unique width of this stringer also optimises the space needed for

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Posted by Insensation on 11. February 2018 in News

For architects and developers looking for a unique staircase for retail or commercial settings, we developed stairplane™ XL. The up to 70” ultra-strong, wide staircase has treads with 12” depth. The stringers are also 12”. All of this is easily manufactured and installed without the use of heavyweight steel or lacquer – our stairs are

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