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Author: Insensation


Posted by Insensation on 7. November 2020 in News

Tired of boring wood and steel staircases? Come join us in this whole new world of staircase design. Implemented across Europe for over 20 years, these unique illuminated and anodised aluminum staircases are now conquering the USA from coast-to-coast. View our Drive-In to see some examples of projects. We’ve created a little video for you.

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Posted by Insensation on 26. October 2020 in News

Architects and contractors around the globe appreciate our unique designs and high quality staircases. From Santa Monica to Switzerland, our staircases are installed in fine homes and professional studios wanting something more, something unique. Our slim constructions are structurally sound, and don’t require the massive weight and unsightly bulk of steel beams one usually sees

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Posted by Insensation on 28. September 2019 in News

Insensation was proud to deliver two custom, glass staircases for an outstanding piece of architecture on Greene Street in Soho, NYC. The loft is a precisely detailed living space with an amazing layout over 3 floors. We got to spend some time with the contractor during the staircase installation and were enormously impressed with the

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Posted by Insensation on 2. August 2019 in News

Insensation was founded in Switzerland in 1997. We started our Manhattan-based North American operations in 2015 and since that time have enjoyed a steady growth thanks to great collaboration from architectural firms, property developers and contractors of all types. Today, we are extremely pleased to announce that we are opening a new distribution arm in

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Posted by Insensation on 22. May 2019 in News

Our high-grade anodised aluminum staircases have been installed in beautifully designed spaces for over 20 years. Both the treads and the stringers are made of natural anodised aluminum, a luxury finish compared to painted steel. Optional handrails for the wall and horizontal railings are available.  All stairs can be made code-compliant.  

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Posted by Insensation on 15. March 2019 in News

For the design of a two-family house on a rare vacant lot in San Francisco, the architects explored varied relationships between the ground and the sky. The site is narrow and steeply sloped with breathtaking vistas of the city and bay. The design threads together disparate experiences of the site, connecting a split level arrangement

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Posted by Insensation on 27. February 2019 in News

With over 2000 unique design combinations, architects all over the USA are implementing stairplane™ staircases in the most amazing projects. This outstanding residence is located outside Washington DC, and combines rustic originality with modern architectural class.  Insensation delivered the staircase, railings and walkway railings connecting the upper parts of the house. Our sustainable staircases and

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