Posted on Aug 18, 2017

If you are an architect who loves to design your own staircase, have a look at stairplane®. We have a huge number of stair variations, costing half of what you would spend at your local metal shop. If money is no problem, we’ll even sell you the most exclusive options…like LED integrated lighting at the top and/or bottom of each step, or full-glass railings with a wooden handrail.

To be exact, stairplane@ offers 1008 design possibilities..probably enough for 90% of all residences built.

The design variations include:
2 stringer models in 3 sizes
7 step variations custom made
3 riser options including open, closed, and semi-closed to meet all building regulations
6 anodisation colors, not counting every RAL powder-coat option
2 railing options with numerous colors of glass and handrails
2 illumination capabilities hidden in each step

and the beat goes on…..